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For some sellers, selling their home as fast as possible is important. Perhaps you need to get to your new home and location for a job opportunity or you are just eager for that fresh start, there are many ways to make your property the best it can be that can result in a faster sale. 

1. Make your home warm and welcoming 

Making your home a place where potential buyers can feel welcomed is key to having a quick and successful sale. By decluttering rooms in your home and only keeping out essential furniture like end tables and sofas, you can assist prospective buyers in visualizing themselves and their personal belongings in your space. Keeping each room of the house neutral with warm color accents and decorations that aren’t too over the top will help the buyer decide if they can truly make the space their own. You can also try rearranging your furniture to allow a somewhat smaller space to have the illusion of being a bigger part of the home. By doing this, Not only will your house spend less time on the market but it will also increase its value and the buyer might be willing to spend more on the property. 

2. Adopt the minimalist lifestyle 

If you choose to stage your home like the advice mentioned it Tip 1, it is important to maintain its organization. If you have a household of young children, store away any toys or mess before an open house and make sure items like clothes and beds are neatly arranged. According to most real estate professionals, the most appealing room to prospective buyers when looking at a home is the kitchen since most of the cooking and gathering of the family is done in this spot. Make sure your kitchen is attractive by cleaning off countertops, ensuring lighting not too dim or bright and adding a sensory appeal to the place like a room freshener or some fresh fruit in a basket on the table. Buyers will remember the feeling they had entering this room and it might sell them the moment they walk through the door. The most important parts of your home to focus on when adopting a minimalist lifestyle are: 

  • Bookshelves

  • Countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms

  • Coat racks 

  • Fireplace mantels 

  • Bedroom and hallway closets 

3. Keep the price at a realistic number

The New Jersey real estate market is constantly changing as more businesses are making the garden state their new home. With this increase in competition, you want to make sure your home is noticed. The most important way to make a successful and fast sale is to have your property selling at the right price point. A seller can do this by using Priced to Sell Immediately (PTSI) method. By utilizing PTSI,more traffic will be driven to your home as more buyers will have proposals ready for you to negotiate upon. The more traffic, the more interest your house receives , making your move faster and more efficient process.